Objectives, Mission and Vision

Objectives, Mission and Vision

In recent years the GSSA has made major efforts to become more professional in its approach to managing and growing the Society. In the modern world, the Society is competing for members’ time and resources with a great many other priorities. Like any business, the GSSA needs to be guided by a clear vision and measurable goals. In order for the GSSA to remain relevant to its members and true to its core values, the Society regularly embarks on strategic planning processes to measure the achievement and relevance of the strategic objectives. The current strategic objectives include the following:

• To run successful Congresses and other satellite functions
• To publish good quality research
• To revitalize planted pasture science within the Society
• To support the Professional Affairs Committee
• To increase capacity building
• Growing the Society
• To continuously improve the Grassroots/Bulletin
• To maintain administrative excellence

The vision of the Society,

Advancing rangeland ecology and pasture management in Africa

embodies the mission of the Society and has become the central theme of the Annual Congress.

The mission of the Society was updated at the most recent Review of the Strategic Plan (25 January 2011) to the following:

Advancing ecology and management of African rangelands and pastures in a changing world by:
• Publishing relevant high quality research
• Providing a dynamic and professional annual congress at which scientifically rigorous papers are presented
• Facilitating the translation of science into policy and practice
• Developing human capacity to study and manage rangelands and pastures
• Providing a forum for trans-disciplinary debate, particularly between fields of production systems, biodiversity and ecosystem goods and services
• Assisting decision makers to understand the links between ecosystem services, global change, sustainability and human wellbeing


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