Email communication to GSSA members, 15 Aug 2011

Email communication to GSSA members, 15 Aug 2011

Dear Members

As you may be aware, registration for SACNASP is becoming more and more essential for all members of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa. The Professional Affairs Committee has managed to secure the Society`s registration as a voluntary organisation with SACNASP which assists somewhat with the paper trail. However, as some may already have experienced, the trail is quite long and may seem to be quite arduous.

I have two aims to sending out this email:

Firstly, the Society would like to keep a list of all members that have already succeeded with SACNASP registration and are willing to assist as referees for other members embarking on this process. If you are willing, please send me your SACNASP registration number and field of practice for adding to the database. I will take this as willingness on your part to receive referee reports from fellow Society members.

Secondly, for those starting the process, several documents and guidelines have recently been updated by SACNASP, and I attach them here for your convenience. They will also be place on the Society website:

  • SACNASP Information Brochure: How to Apply and Registration Requirements (this includes an Extract on the Act 27 of 2003, as well as the Requirements for Recognition of Prior Learning and the List of Voluntary Organisations)
  • SACNASP Work Experience Guidelines
  • SACNASP Application Form
  • SACNASP Referee Report

I have now gone through these documents in a fair amount of detail, and can assist applicants with finding referees already registered with SACNASP.

Kind regards
Freyni du Toit

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