Rachel Mamonare Mathabathe

Rachel Mamonare Mathabathe

Nganaboko Farming project operates on a 429 ha farm that was acquired by thirteen beneficiaries through the LRAD process in 2009, with 89 cattle on the farm. The farm is situated in Klipfontein in Mookgopong (between N1 & R101) on a sour mixed bushveld and the average rainfall is 530 mm/annum.

The farm is currently managed by Mrs. Mamonare Mathabathe (who remains the only active member), a retired teacher who started farming with just 6 cattle in 1998. The livestock numbers currently stand at 200 cattle (nguni, bonsmara and some composite breeds) of which 54 are weaners, as well as 300 sheep (pedi) and 150 goats (boargoat). Weaners are sold to a commercial feedlot, while sheep and goats are sold to the local community for traditional ceremonies and rituals.

The grazing area comprises of 21 camps, with each camp consisting of its own drinking point. Rotational grazing is practised, with 1 camp under a full year rest. The veld condition is in most of the camps appears to be in a moderate state, with slight patches of overgrazing in some camps (near the water points).

During the dry periods (i.e. winter), the cattle are fed farm-made concentrates, winter lick and maize residues, and hay bales are purchased from the local suppliers in critical times (drought). An area of approximately 30 ha has been prepared for planting lucerne and blue buffalo under dry-land in the next growing season in order to bridge the winter feed gap as part of fodder flow plan.

Most of farm infrastructure (fences, dip-tanks, boreholes, store rooms) is in an acceptable working condition and firebreaks have been constructed throughout the farm.


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