Affiliate Organisations

Affiliate Organisations

Bouquet Media cc

"Bouquet" is a magazine for women, which was originally published exclusively for women in agriculture, as members of the South African Women’s Agricultural Union (SAWAU). However, in 2009 it was decided to extend both the distribution and the editorial content to include other women’s organisations in South Africa as well, thus reflecting the true spirit of "Bouquet" and the inclusionary approach that is a hallmark of women.

Arid Zone Ecology Forum

Initiated to focus attention on arid and semi-arid regions in southern Africa. An awareness of potential environmental problems – such as erosion, land degradation, plant and animal species extinctions, and global climate change, amongst many others – has already substantially influenced agricultural and management policies and research activities in these regions.

SANBI Grasslands Programme

The Grasslands Programme is a national initiative which aims to sustain and secure the rich biodiversity and ecosystem services of the grasslands biome for current and future generations. Stakeholders, form all spheres of government, the private sector and civil society, are working together to achieve this vision for South Africa's grasslands.

South African Wildlife Management Association (SAWMA)

The Southern African Wildlife Management Association (SAWMA) is an independent, non-profitable body, founded in 1970. The association is dedicated to the conservation and wise management of the wildlife resources of southern Africa.

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