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What's New

Adrian Shrader: 11 Seconds - Presenting a Successful Poster

Poster presentations are a valuable, and often the only available, way of presenting work at a congress. This results in many congresses having numerous posters, too many for an individual to read. Therefore, a poster must compete with other posters if it is to be read by the delegates.

Terry Olckers: Making Platform Presentations

Platform presentations are nowadays usually dependent on PowerPoint. Despite this technology, many presentations fail to effectively convey the statement the presenter is trying to make.

Johan van Rooyen: Current Issues in Animal Ethics

In biological research, animals are often necessary as a factor in an experiment, or the subject of the research itself. The way in which animals are treated (animal ethics) is an important consideration, from both ethical and legislative standpoints.

Tony Palmer: Remote Sensing, Technology and Applied Research

Technological advances have borne Remote Sensing, where system parameters can be measured or estimated remotely by recording the electromagnetic signatures that they emit. However, such technology is sometimes prohibitively expensive, and the skills required to deal effectively with the data are a pursuit in themselves.

David Ward: Robust Design, Robust Statistics

Statistics form the foundation of research, yet pose an insurmountable obstacle to many beginner scientists, even to the point where they do not know how to attempt to address the problem they face. A key issue is the need to integrate good experimental design with appropriate statistics to ensure robust results that can be analysed effectively.

Trevor Hill: Research, Students, and Field Trips – the Undergraduate Experience

Undergraduate students are exposed to research through reviewing published papers, and doing practicals. However, neither covers the practicalities of either the research process, or the environment in which research is conducted. Field trips that include a research component give students useful experience, and allow expose them to associated issues such as interpersonal skills, logistics, and time management.