South African Soil Surveyors Organization (SASSO)

The South African Soil Surveyors Organization (SASSO) is a non-profit organization for soil surveyors from all sectors, with the purpose of establishing a forum for soil surveyors in South Africa, within which knowledge of soil characteristics and their interpretation for land use is increased, growth and expansion of the profession is promoted, with the overarching goal of appropriate, sustainable land use through accurate and meaningful soil surveys for all land users.

Working on Fire

A South African, government-funded, multi-partner organisation focused on Integrated Fire Management and veld and wild firefighting.

NSTF Award Nominations

The Awards are intended to recognise and celebrate individuals and organisations for outstanding contributions in Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation (SETI), for the purposes of: * Achieving sustainable economic growth for South Africa and improving the quality of life of its people; * Promoting excellence among SETI practitioners and research, development and innovation; * Encouraging young people to undertake careers in SETI.

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