Mrs Antoinette Boostma

Boostma, Antoinette

Mrs Antoinette Boostma

Antoinette is an active member of the wetland community and has contributed through mentorship programs, training events, attendance of conferences and technical contributions to, for example, the National Wetland Map Version 5 compiled by SANBI. She was profiled in the WRC July/August 2017 publication The Water Wheel as a woman in science. She has contributed to scientific publications and wetland research and has worked as a wetland specialist consultant since 2007. Before that she worked for the Pretoria University’s Conservation Ecology Research Unit on the rehabilitation and restoration of coastal dune forests for two years. She obtained an MSc (cum laude) from UNISA in 2017 for a project entitled: Natural mechanisms of erosion prevention and stabilization in a Marakele peatland; implications for conservation management
Her primary interests include the strategic and fine scale delineation of wetlands as well as assessment of wetland function and integrity. Further interests include peat wetland systems, ecohydrology and the analysis of vegetation gradients and their relationship to environmental gradients

My publications


  • A. A. Boostma, S. Elshehawi, A.P. Grootjans, P.L Grundling, S. Khosa. In Press. Ecohydrological analysis of the Matlabas Mountain mire, South Africa. Mires and Peat (In Press)
  • P.L. Grundling, A Lindstrom., M.L.  Pretorius, A. Bootsma, N. Job, L. Delport, S. Elshahawi, A.P Grootjans, A. Grundling, S. Mitchell. 2015.  Investigation of Peatland Characteristics and Processes as well as Understanding of their Contribution to the South African Wetland Ecological Infrastructure Water Research Commission KSA 2: K5/2346
  • A.P. Grootjans, A.J.M Jansen , A, Snijdewind, P.C. de Hullu, H. Joosten, A. Bootsma and P.L. Grundling. (2014). In search of spring mires in Namibia: the Waterberg area revisited. Mires and Peat. Volume 15, Article 10, 1-11,, ISSN 1819-754X © 2015 International Mire Conservation Group and International Peat Society

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