Mrs Marion Holmes

Holmes, Marion

Mrs Marion Holmes

I am co owner of Richard Holmes Safaris and Karoo Pred-a-tours as well as a founding trustee of the Cat Conservation Trust (founded 2004). I have a BSc in Zoology and Botany (UNISA), Hons BSc in Environmental Science (NWU), MSc in Environmental Science (NWU) which resulted in the publication below. I am currently busy with my PhD part time (Botany, Nelson Mandela University) specialising in freshwater diatoms of the Karoo.

My publications

Holmes, M., Taylor, J.C. (2015). Diatoms as water quality indicators in the upper reaches of the Great Fish River, Eastern Cape. African Journal of Aquatic Science, 40(4), 321-337.

Report for Kariega Game Reserve. Specialist basis assessment report: Kariega Game Reserve Serval Project, September 2017.

Report for Mr P du Plessis: Diatom analysis for spring sample from Doornfontein, January 2015.

ECGWD 2017 Groundwater Course Programme. 10 to 12 May 2017. Presented ‘Diatoms as an Early Warning System of Pollution in Boreholes/Reservoirs’.

North-West University, 22 September 2010. Presentation to staff and students on the four small Southern African wild cat species.

North-West University, 30 March 2009. Presentation on the small cats of Southern Africa to third year zoology students during practical course and exams at Hanzet.

Reports for Kariega Game Reserve. Specialist recommendations: Kariega Game Reserve Serval Project, March 2018 and May 2018


I am part of the AEON team conducting baseline research for the Karoo Shale Gas Project. The working title for this project is ‘Diatoms as an ‘early warning’ monitoring tool for surface and groundwater contamination: towards a water baseline for the Karoo”. 

My research

As a farmer’s wife I have experience in many aspects of veld management, erosion control and rehabilitation as well as correct stocking of mixed feeders.

I have conducted non scientific presentations (listed below) and continue to do so, on request, to groups of all ages on the importance and conservation of the four smaller cats species in the Karoo.   I have worked with game farms, game reserves and national parks with their release of these species in the correct habitats. I have worked with national and international media for programmes on these species. I have many years experience in keeping these cats in captivity including the notoriously difficult Black-footed cat (Felis nigripes).  The CCT has received 3 grants from the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund.

  • GRANAAT, 13 June 2017. Presentation to this group at the Camdeboo National Park on the small cats of Southern African and the work of the Cat Conservation Trust.
  • Camdeboo National Park, 04 June 2015. Presentation: Small cats of the Southern Africa and Freshwater diatoms as indicators of water quality.
  • 2000 to date: Presentations to several high schools, primary schools and pre schools in the Eastern Cape on the importance of small cats in the South African environment. Presentations to senior and primary schools, including Gr12 , St Andrew’s College , on water resources. A complete list of all presentations, as well as photos, will be made available on request.


April 2018 onwards: School Outreach Programme in conjunction with the Addo Elephant National Park Environmental Education Office in the districts that they cover.

June 2018 onwards:  School Outreach Programme in conjunction with the Camdeboo National Park Environmental Education Office in the Graaff Reinet district.

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