September 2020

In a preliminary study, Rina Grant asks an interesting question on whether thicket patches in the Eastern Cape have any value. Richard Gill gives us some great insights on underground trees of the Highveld. We learn more about the recent deaths of more than 350 elephants in Botswana, and a new study showed that painting eyes on the backsides of livestock can protect them from being attacked by carnivores. Grassroots introduces a special series of articles on the history of South Africa’s research stations. The first of this series is a lovely piece by Trevor Dugmore on the Cedara research station. He shares many photos taken around 1912 and it is amazing to see how times have changed (and how researchers used to wear suits or dresses whilst working in the field!). Lastly, we have a new Grassroots team. I have taken over from Janet Taylor as Publications Editor and we welcome Charné Viljoen to the team as Sub-Editor. Janet stood in as Sub-Editor for this issue to help make the transition smoother. Thanks for all your guidance and support, Janet! Enjoy the read!