March 2021

A new series, “Tree of the month”. Vachellia erioloba is the first tree under the spotlight. The grass and pasture of the month is Dactyloctenium australe and Avena sativa. In our feature article, Kelly Bernard focusses on birds as agents of restoration in the Albany Thicket Biome of the Eastern Cape province. The reason for the death of 350 elephants in Botswana is once again a talking point after questions were raised as to why only elephants died from cyanobacterial poisoning. It is believed that fences played a major role in causing these deaths. On the other side of the world, the possibility of fenceless grazing for cows and wildlife is being explored with the use of GPS collars developed by a Norwegian company, Nofence. Some good news is that South Africa achieved a crucial milestone for ecosystem research and that abundant rainfall in Namibia has turned this country green.