Legislation and Policy

Legislation and Policy

UNEP: Innovations in sustainable rangelands and pastoralism

The UNEP has just passed a resolution to specifically highlight the importance of rangelands and pastoralism in finding sustainable solutions to resource management. This has specific importance to southern Africa where we have many people dependent on pastoralism for their livelihoods. The full text of this resolution, proposed by Kenya and supported by the Africa Group, shows that: a) there continues to be support for raising global awareness, and it recognizes the process for an IYRP (International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralism) that the Government of Mongolia has initiated through FAO's COAG; b) UNEP has been requested to assist countries who wish to conduct regional assessments of rangelands and pastoralism; c) we will now have a way to work together to harmonize methodologies and terminologies for these assessments, and to focus collectively on the gaps in information identified through the UNEP Gap Analysis (Case of Benign Neglect) and other efforts. d) efforts should be redoubled to seek innovative solutions; the resolution acknowledges the value of traditional knowledge grazing and herding mechanisms and institutions, and calls for ecosystem restoration, resilience planning, financing of sustainable development, and more.

Intellectual Property Handbook of Best Practices

Online resource offering up-to-date information and strategies for utilizing the power of both intellectual property and the public domain. Emphasis is placed on advancing innovation in health and agriculture, though many of the principles outlined here are broadly applicable across technology fields.

Climate Change Green Paper

The Department of Water and Environmental Affairs has released the long-awaited National Climate Change Response Green Paper . The public is invited to submit comments until 11 February 2011.

Africa Loses the ACACIA

Outcome of events of the Nomenclatural Session at the International Botanical Congress in Melbourne Australia,

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