What's New

What's New

Bulletin of the GSSA - Bulletin of the Southern African Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Scientists

Special Collaborative issue of the SAIE&ES with the GSSA. Professionalisation of the Natural Sciences: SACNASP argues a point; Bradley Smith - Conservation and development the African way: some questions answered and some answers questioned; Peter Scogings and Timm Hoffman - The commons debate hots up: Global change and the future of southern Africa's communal rangelands; LOCORES......And more

Bulletin of the GSSA - May 1998

Synopsis of Congress 33; Brian J. Stocks - Forest fire in global boreal forests; A.Smith, B.D. Mappledoram, ID.H. Reusch, C.J. Terblanche and D.C.W. Goodenough - Plants for sale - breeders for hire ...... and more

Bulletin of the GSSA - October 1998

Pete Zacharias, Terry Everson and Mike Walters - Holistic Management (a report-back on a presentation by Allan Savory); John Clayton and Rich Hurt - Trip to a Holistic Management Practitioner in Northern KZN; MM Wolfson - Developing a South African Network for Terrestrial and Aquatic Sciences; C.J.G. le Roux, L.G. Howe, E. Oosthuysen, J.S. Swart and L.P. du Toit - Research Note: the Yield of Lucerne, Siratro, Glycine and Desmodium in the East London-Bathurst Area of the Eastern Cape


The impact of savanna fires on Africa’s rainfall patterns


Karoo invasion: is history repeating itself?


A life of global impact on environmental science, Ecosystem Management, What South African farmers can do to protect endangered grassland birds, Stop bugging the bugs: the world as we know it would fall apart without them, SAEON launches Karoo Shale Gas Ecology Project, Farmers hold the key to nature conservation: let’s treat them that way, UKZN Hosts Second PMA Agri-Food Career F air, Havoc among beepollinators - effects on agriculture and conservation


Grootfontein College of Agriculture Student Award, Learner that receives GSSA award also wins Gold at the Eskom Expo

50th Annual Congress

Celebrating 50 years of Rangeland Ecology and Pasture Management in Africa, Presidential Address 2015. 50 Years of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa, Mid-Congress Tour Marianhill Landfill and Conservancy, Mid-Congress Tour Dairy and Pastures, Congress Delegates Revisit Famed Ukulinga Trials, GSSA Congress 50 Awards